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Asbestos was a material of choice for a wide range of construction materials. It was commonly used in tiles, drywall, insulation and other building materials. Improper removal of these materials can release asbestos fibers into the air of your building, posing a possible health risk to you and other inhabitants. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause serious health problems and has been a cause for certain types of cancers as well. Green Point Asbestos Remediation has trained professionals skilled in safe asbestos removal and abatement. We are experts in removal and repair of asbestos-containing materials. Our professionals seal off the working area and allow passage when everything has returned to normal levels.


Mold can be a serious health concern where water damage was present. This becomes more dangerous if dampness is undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time. Extreme Care must be taken in removing moldy materials during demolition. If not done by professions removal can stir up mold, causing spores to become airborne. Mold found in the air can cause health issues to develop including colds and allergies. Green Point Asbestos Remediation professionals are trained in the safe mold removal and mold remediation. We identify the mold, isolate the area and eliminate it, then clean-up and safely dispose of infested materials.


Lead is a soft, bluish-grey metal that is pliable and corrosion-resistant. Until the early 1980s, lead was used in paint because it increased durability, made colors more vibrant, and helped paint dry faster. However exposure to lead is bad for health. Lead poisoning can occur when you are exposed to high levels of lead. This can cause anemia and impaired brain and nervous system functions.


Green Point Asbestos Remediation will assist you in identifying the levels of lead in the paint in your home. Once identified we offer professional lead paint removal services. We service All over BC and interiors.


Green Point Asbestos Remediation provides air-sampling services for commercial and residential clients. We can provide onsite indoor air quality assessments with state of the art instrumentation to determine sources of building related illnesses and sick building syndrome.