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St.Paul Parish Church

Project Location:

Project Manager:

Completion Date: TBD

Consultant: N/A

About This Project:

Items containing asbestos, scheduled for removal

  1. Textured ceilings (High Risk)

  2. Drywall joint compound applied to drywall walls and ceiling (Moderate Risk) except textured ceilings

  3. Vinyl flooring (Moderate Risk)

  4. Vermiculite (High Risk)

  5. Window Putty (Moderate Risk)

  6. Sink Mastics (Moderate Risk)

  7. Insulating Cement on Boiler Flue (Moderate Risk)

  8. Masonry wall cavity (vermiculite) (High Risk)

  9. Beige vinyl floor tiles (Moderate Risk)

  10. Parging cement on pipe elbows (Moderate Risk)

  11. Gold sink Mastics (Moderate Risk)

  12. Black interior window putty (interior side) (Moderate Risk)

  13. White exterior putty on all ext. windows

  14. Boiler

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